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Council Tax and making a "payment arrangement"

With many families struggling to pay their debts, many bailiff companies are stating to the debtor that  they will allow a payment arrangement to be set up but; in order to do, you will need to allow a bailiff into the home to "sign some papers". Please be very careful indeed to ensure that you know the serious pitfalls of allowing a bailiff entry into your home.


On 28th November 2012 the Local Government Ombudsman published a Focus Report regarding increasing complaints against bailiffs...

This Focus Report outlines the role that local authorities should play regarding bailiffs. A copy of the News Release and full report can be read here:


Local Government Ombudsman LGO highlights problems in bailiff action on behalf of councils


BAILIFF TACTICS.....You must read !!

With this most awful recesssion it is important to recognise the tactics that some of the "less reputable" bailiffs and their companies are using to enable them to charge additional fees to your account.

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             September 8th 2013

We introduced our Bailiff Advice website in 2007 and to date over 5 million visitors have viewed our site. At the time of launching Bailiff Advice there were just a handful of websites offering advice regarding a bailiff visit but, since the recession there are now hundreds of small websites offering advice but unfortunately, so many of these are in fact either "No Win, "No fee" claims management companies or alternatively; introducers to "No Win, No Fee" solicitors. Bailiff Advice Online does not have any association with any such organisations and neither will it do so in the furture

During September we will be introducing a brand new Bailiff Advice website with easier to access information. Every page will have been updated and you will find a great deal of additional information regarding Magistrate Court fines, the Traffic Enforcement Centre, High Court Enforcement and much much more. In the meantime please bear with us whilst these changes are implemented.


             **Is the bailiff certificated?**

The Ministry of Justice has an on-line Certificated  Bailiff Register allowing debtors to check whether a bailiff is certificated.

For details click here:    Read more....

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 Detailed Assessment.

This very important court Judgment should be read by anyone who considers that they may have been overcharged by a bailiff when enforcing an unpaid PCN. Most importantly, the Judge confirms that it is unlawful for a bailiff to charge a fee to clamp or immobilise a vehicle. The Judge also refused to allow the bailiff to charge an "attending to remove" fee of £100 as they could produce no evidence as to how the charge had been calculated!!

This Judgement also confirms that a bailiff must allow a debtor a "reasonable period of time" to pay the debt before removing goods.

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