Ombudsman’s Decisions

Ombudsman Decisions

Local Government Ombudsman decisions that are of importance to the enforcement of council tax arrears and Penalty Charge Notices by bailiffs can be read here.

Bailiff Advice Legal Cases

Legal Cases

Court decisions that relate to the enforcement of debts by bailiffs are very importance as they can clarify any grey areas of legislation. A selection of legal cases can be read here.

Bailiff Advice News Articles

News Articles

In this category are various miscellaneous News articles of interest. These include articles relating to the Dart Charge, the new Merseyflow toll system and much more.

Bailiff Advice News Articles

Internet Myths

Inaccurate and misleading information about bailiff enforcement can lead to an unnecessary visit, and additional bailiff fees. Here we explore and correct Internet Myths about Bailiff enforcement.

Bailiff Advice Newsletter

A Simple Guide to Bailiff Enforcement

We have introduced this Simple Guide to Bailiff Enforcement to assist the public with understanding how a debt can be enforced by a bailiff or a High Court Enforcement Officer (HCEO).

Bailiff Advice Legal Cases


The different bailiffs laws that govern the way in which debts can be enforced by bailiffs, the fees that can be charged, and the statutory notices that MUST be provided are outlined in this category.

Bailiff Advice Newsletter

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